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How To Always Win Football Bets? Tips to Beat Luck

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Gambling in any form is one risky way to engage yourself to spend some time and to look up for profits by investing your money. Be it live casino, horse riding or football, the level of risk remains the same, but that is also one factor that makes gambling so interesting and entertaining. Football is America’s most betted sport, and also one of the most viewed one too, that is why the competition in gambling and winning in this sport is very high, so what does one need to do to win money in football betting, and what are the tips and advice that must be kept in mind to keep up that spirit of winning over your bets, and beat luck. Here are a few tips that one must keep in mind when betting in football.



You pick up any form of gambling and betting and the first rule that most of the professionals would suggest is to be disciplined. By discipline, it means that one should only wager what you can afford to lose. One must not lose his head, one thing is not going your way, and that means that in any situation the bets should always have a logic behind them. If you are in a bad run, it becomes very tempting to place large bets, but that doesn’t mean that it will recover your lost amount. In fact, it can lead to greater losses.


When it comes to football betting one should not just bet around by seeing the run of the team in the last couple of games. One should understand that did the team really perform well to win or was the other team not up to the mark. Did the team win out of luck or the pressure that they had created by keeping ball possession throughout the game? How does the team perform in offensive and defensive conditions? When you have answers to these kinds of questions then your decision of placing the bet upon the team is more practical and logical. This increases your chances of winning.


Favourite Football players

In a match back in 1966, two teams met Italy and North Korea. As you read this you would have already anticipated the winner of the match, which according to you would be Italy, but that year, in that match North Korea stunned the world by defeating Italy 1-0. The loss came after Italy had lost to Chile and the Soviet Union. Low on confidence, even top-rated teams can flop against low rated teams. Therefore, always while betting considers the recent form of the team, a drought of wins can lead to unexpected results, even when the team is a favorite.


When you are involved with a sport, you certainly will have a favorite, and when you have favorites you are automatically drawn towards betting in their favor. Emotionally this may seem right, but the world of betting doesn’t consider emotions to lay a part in winning, for them it is logic and luck. We cannot control luck but surely can increase our chances of being more logical.


Don’t go for a plethora of things at once, what is important when betting is to know the strengths in what you are able to predict. When you have fewer selections to make, it increases our ability to concentrate on only one task at a time, and when you do that automatically the decisions that you take are not instinctive but logical and derived. And that is when you have the highest chances of striking gold.


yes, football is a team game, but all teams have one or two players that have the ability to change the course of games. These players can stand-alone win matches. When betting always keeps a record of the key player of the team. See how well does the player fair against particular opponents, or what has been the player form in the last few games that the player has played. What has been the player’s approach in a knockout to his approach in a league game? Things like these lead to better win percentages.

Here are a few tips that should be followed to always win football bets. Though the game is a team effort teams are often inspired by a player or two, keep records before betting off your money as well as the team and its players to be successful at football betting.

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