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How to Pick A Winning Horse Best for Horse Race Betting?

Do you enjoy horse betting online? Then, to make a good profit out of the betting, you need to pick the right horse with more winning chances. Most people may complain about nit making good money out of horse betting. It is not true as you need to use a combination of knowledge and skills to pick the right horse. But, to make the right selection, it is not essential to have encyclopedic knowledge. With a trusted platform like EZ12Bet, you get the necessary guidance to find the right with more winning probability. You get the tips to pick the winner of a horse race. Here are some of the factors you need to consider while looking for the winner who can make you richer:

Horse Going

Horse Betting
Going in horse racing refers to the description of the particular racecourse ground. It is usually measured by the clerk working at the racetrack. They determine it by the amount of moisture in the racecourse ground. When you want to pick the winner, going is a huge part, specifically in the winter months. Most horses run their best on certain surfaces. Some like better ground while others try to test in the mud. So, you need to check the previous performance of the horses. EZ12Bet offers the in-depth detail of the performance of the horse to help you make the right choice with ease.


You need to look into the distances before picking out the winners. Irrespective of the type of race (flat or over the obstacles), every horse tends to have a specific limit. They can only go a particular distance before their stamina gives out. When you pick a horse, choose the one with proven stamina to reap benefits.


Choosing Horse for betting

For flat races, you need to check the pedigree of the horses as it has a significant link to winning. If you are a first-time bettor, then you need to understand that the pedigree of a horse can tell you their stamina and the time needed for them to reach their peak. So, checking the breeding of the horses will offer insight into the long-term and short-term clues of their performance. EZ12Bet offers you the valuable information needed to make the right choice without any errors.


Horse Connections

Certain combinations have a proven track record of success. So, a specific trainer, owner, and jockey combination can ensure better results. The combination of twosomes (a trainer and the jockey) can also offer you great results. Just check the different venues and races to know the performance.

Course Form

Horse Race Performance

A certain horse has different performances in different racecourses. So, you need to check the statistics to know the best performance on the specific racecourse. You can check it by studying the racecards for the previous winners. Only a reliable and trusted horse betting platform offers you such crucial information that will help you know the unique characteristics of the race.

Handicap Mark

A horse with a peak handicap may not exhibit a competitive streak against a better horse. The handicap mark of a hose gradually decreases with time and then, they become more competitive. So, you need to check the horse’s rating against their last win. It is a critical element in handicap races.

Horse Physical Fitness

Click on Ez12bet.comto gain a better knowledge of horserace betting. The experts on the portal offer you the best guidance to help you understand the odds and how it works. Based on the different factors, you can grasp the different methods to bet on a horse for attaining greater benefits. When you become confident, you can place various wagers that will see positive results. The team of experts with experience in horserace betting offers you the suggestions that will help you make the right choice for greater gains. EZ12Bet helps you understand the concept of horse race betting, manage your betting bankroll, and the importance of betting discipline for larger gains.

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